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Why Don't We Have TikTok?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Ahh, these are my favorite types of conversations between marketing and execs. There's nothing that wastes a shitload of time quite like "Why don't we have TikTok?" [or insert some other marketing channel or tool].

It usually goes something like this:

Non-marketing exec sees your IM is green and gives you an impromptu call. Typically this person has some sort of executive title. Bonus points if their title includes something nebulous like "Strategy" or "Growth" and they don’t really know what they are responsible and accountable for so offering fab marketing suggestions is as good of a way to spend time as any. Usually, the offender in these situations just read a good article on CNBC or their 15-year-old just showed them how to download and use a new app.

Exec: Hey Marketer, I'm thinking that we should have a TikTok account. Do we have one?

Marketer: Interesting thought, Brilliant Exec. We’ve been watching TikTok to determine if we should invest in that channel but, as of now, we have not invested resources there. Our customers and prospects currently prefer to engage with our brand via these other critical channels that are fantastically under-resourced. But tell me more about your thoughts.

Exec: Well, I just think that a lot of people are using TikTok and we should definitely be there. Can I get an ETA on when we can make that happen?

Marketer: Brilliant Exec, well you’re right. Many people are on TikTok. Some brands are having a lot of success connecting with their specific audience. They regularly produce content that captures their target audience's attention and keeps them engaged.

Do you have any initial thoughts on what type of content we could produce that would engage our specific target audience on TikTok? For example, how is content from our brand going to add value to our customer's life? What would they accept and enjoy from us that benefits both them and us? Do any themes pop into your mind? Who do we feel would be the best face of the brand to engage / educate / entertain on this channel?

Exec: I’m sure we can think of something. We’ll just ask everyone in the company to contribute something each week. When can we get it up?

Marketer: Fuck. Ok. Well, to make this work, we need an owner. This person will be responsible for building out the themes and campaigns. They will create and manage the weekly content calendar. They can establish guidelines so that our work is cohesive, and meaningful and results in something that benefits both our customers and our business. They can conduct trainings and work with everyone in the company from whom we'll be getting content. They can create a schedule and send repeated reminders to everyone so content comes in on time. They can make sure it isn't complete dog shit, that Bill's finger isn't over his camera the whole time and that Betty isn't muted. They'll also do heavy editing to cut out the "can you hear me?" and the heavy breathing. They'll test different days and times to post the content. They will monitor engagement to determine what does well and what doesn't so the content plan can be adjusted. They can also respond to all internal and external questions.

Exec: Oh, well, we don't really have any money in the budget for that resource. Why doesn’t Jill just do that?

Marketing: You mean Jill who runs our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit accounts for four different brands? Jill who builds out the content calendar and serves as the creative director considering both organic and paid channel needs for all of the above? Jill who also engages with individual customers and prospects on all of those channels in order to build a community? Jill who plays PR manager if something isn’t going well or someone has an issue? Jill who currently doesn't sleep? Are we talking about the same Jill?

Exec: Yep, we’ll all help her out. It’ll be great. I can’t wait to hear how it’s going.

Marketer: Fucking fantastic.

Look forward to these future follow-up exchanges about TikTok with the same Brilliant Exec and friends with titles that include "Finance":

  1. “How are we doing?” - approx. 20 minutes after the first post

  2. “How many sales are we getting from TikTok?” - est. 3-5 business days later

  3. "Can we blast an email? - immediately after receiving answer to #2

  4. “Can we get Jill to do the same thing for the other five brands?” - approx. 4-6 weeks

  5. “Do we really need Jill? What the hell does she even really do here?” - ad hoc

P.S. Feel free to replace TikTok in this example with ….well, really anything.

P.P.S. Need a creative brief to get you started with a project? Download this great, free marketing brief template!

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Just tell Brilliant Exec to choreograph a dance to the company ditty and you’re set!

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