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Put “Unproductive” Tasks On Your To-Do List

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I have a productivity gene that is instilled deep within me. I have a constant to-do list in my mind and it’s a strong driving force.

At work, I’m known in my small circles for holding “GSD” Meetings. GSD = Get Shit Done. That force plus a strong need to always Have a Fucking Point has served me well professionally. For the most part.

It drives me to efficiently accomplish a great deal. It also drives me to be a “do-er” vs a “talker”, which I value. I have a lot of energy. But there is a dark side that can take on many forms and names. Workaholic. Perfectionist. Burnout risk. One who is generally discontent.

When the dark side becomes too strong and overwhelming, a trait that is generally an asset becomes a huge liability to my physical health, my mental health, and to others I love and who love me.

So what’s there to do about it?

This is a lifelong struggle and constant work (we each have our own “things”) so I’m not claiming to have the answers or solutions. Books say to meditate, do yoga, take walks, set alarms to stop working at specific times, and stop checking email in the evening or on weekends. These are all amazing suggestions.

But what about the times I feel like I literally cannot stop because whatever "it" is that I’m doing needs to be done right now? What if that starts becoming the norm vs. the exception? What about the fact that sometimes I’m in the middle of something really cool and I WANT to work until 2 am several nights in a row? Sometimes I’m so energized about what I’m doing that I don’t feel like I need breaks….until suddenly I feel completely burnt out.

One thing that helps me is putting things that may feel “unproductive” on my scheduled to-do list.

Putting “take a walk” or “meditate” on my calendar like a meeting and on my task list is one way I convince my mind that it’s just as important and must be accomplished just like everything else on the list. Then, not only do I have it on the calendar as an important task, I get to check it off and get “credit” for accomplishing it. My little gold star, dopamine hit.

I know these are all mind tricks but isn’t everything??

Let me know your tips!

P.S. Looking for a pretty little project planner to help you get shit done? Check these project planner notebooks. I can't help myself.

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Oct 31, 2023
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Unknown member
Sep 08, 2023
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Great idea….I have to do the same thing in order to remind myself of the things I love and not just the things I need to do. The “need to do list” takes over EVERY time unless I engage my brain and actually think about how I want to spend my time.

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