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Have a
Fucking Point

If you're a marketer, you've found your people. We see all of the crazy shit too. You're not alone.

Marketers unite. You're in the right place and you're definitely not alone. We see all of the jaw-dropping, crazy-ass shit too. It's not just you.


Let's stand together and stay strong as we strive to keep our customers at the center of all business decisions, strategies, and tactics.


Isn't it cringy how often and hard we have to work to suss out, "What problem are we trying to solve and for whom?" Essentially, "What's the fucking point?"


Turns out, some of our business peers and counterparts forget about the customer when they're deep in the quest of coming up with ideas to make a business money.


We're here to call BS and provide solutions when we can. And if we can't fix it, we can laugh about it together. Because if we can't laugh, then we might cry.

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